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23 Apr, 2011

Restaurant City – Levels

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Restaurant City – Levels

Here are the name of the levels I’ve reached so far :)

Click here for more Level chart/guidelines

Level 90 – Hard boiled
Level 89 – Raising the steaks
Level 88 – Bun slinger
Level 87 – Eggceptional
Level 86 – Raisin the bar
Level 85 – True Grits
Level 84 – The heat is on
Level 83 – Cooking up a storm
Level 82 – Just souper
Level 81 – Toast your success
Level 80 – Killer Tortilla
Level 79 – Lovin’ the oven
Level 78 – Pie master
Level 77 – Griddle me this
Level 76 – Nobody does it breader
Level 75 – Operation dessert storm
Level 74 – You got the power
Level 73 – You got the touch
Level 72 – Currying favor
Level 71 – Wok it to me
Level 70 – Baste of the baste
Level 69 – Here’s lookin’ at chew
Level 68 – Ricing to the challenge
Level 67 – Causing a stir
Level 66 – Chopaholic
Level 65 – Using your noodle
Level 64 – Smokin’ Hot
Level 63 – Serial Griller
Level 62 – Smart cookie
Level 61 – So far soy good
Level 60 – Spectacular Spatula
Level 59 – Earl Of Sandwiches
Level 58 – Stir Of The Moment
Level 57 – Salad Days
Level 56 – Well Bread
Level 55 – Baking Power
Level 54 – Whisk Taker
Level 53 – Spicing It Up
Level 52 – Grate Expectations!
Level 51 – Wok Steady
Level 50 – Just Gravy
Level 49 – Butter Up
Level 48 – Makin’ bacon
Level 47 – Beefing up
Level 46 – Apple Turner Over
Level 45 – Know Your Onions
Level 44 – Cooking With Relish
Level 43 – Wheat
Level 42 – Chaff
Level 41 – Half Baked
Level 40 – Cheese Cutter
Level 39 – Run Of The Grill
Level 38 – Dishcloth Jockey
Level 37 – Cucumber Fumbler
Level 36 – Soap Slipper
Level 35 – Band Aid Bodger
Level 34 – Drier upper
Level 33 – Crockery Cracker
Level 32 – Packet Mix Master
Level 31 – Cooking Crusader
Level 30 – Microwave meister
Level 29 – Soya think you’re good
Level 28 – Butter Fingers
Level 27 – TV dinner winner
Level 26 – Cookery show fan
Level 25 – Recipe Reader
Level 24 – What’s seasoning
Level 23 – Drive thru cruiser
Level 22 – Pass the Ketchup
Level 21 – Where’s my spork
Level 20 – Leftovers Lover
Level 19 – Nothing a-maize-ing
Level 18 – Has bean
Level 17 – Barbeclueless
Level 16 – Can’t stand the heat
Level 15 – Kitchen nightmare
Level 14 – Let’s get take out
Level 13 – In a Pickle
Level 12 – Strawberry Fool
Level 11 – Nacho Good
Level 10 – Easily peas-ed
Level 9 – Just add talent
Level 8 – Try to ketchup
Level 7 – A weiner is you
Level 6 – What’s to-mato?
Level 5 – Nutting special
Level 4 – Hamateur
Level 3 – Un-seeded
Level 2 – Sprout
Level 1 – Couch potato

06 Feb, 2011

My Restaurant City profile newsfeed

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My Restaurant City profile newsfeed

Federico just won the ‘Greenskeeper’ award and gave you 500 Coins to celebrate!
Federico just brought home the ‘Greenskeeper’ trophy for harvesting 10 plants in Restaurant City! Mmm, fresh ingredients!

Level 24

What’s your secret to success?
Federico’s restaurant is a hit!
They just reached Level 24 in Restaurant City and shared a 500 Coins bonus with you!
With a little help from their friends, Pinoy’s restaurant will keep the customers’ rolling in!


Federico just won the ‘Shopaholic’ award and gave you 1000 Coins to celebrate!
Federico just brought home the ‘Shopaholic’ trophy for spending 20000 coins in Restaurant City! They probably have a pretty nice restaurant that’s worth checking out!

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01 Feb, 2011

My Restaurant City Challenge (Goals)

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My Restaurant City Challenge (Goals)
A question of Food!
Annual egg hunt
Be my Sweethear! – Strawberry Romance Recipe
Big clean
Bronze Tommy!
Cat Nap
Cat Nap!
Challenge Supremo!
Chatty TV Host
Chilly Owlet
Chinese new year
Delivery Daily!
Delivery For You
Don’t Blame the Goat
Euro Trip souvenirs
Euro Trip souvenirs – Duck
For COINS you say
Gain in spain!
Get bounty Clean!
Get To The Greek!
Gourmet BBQ Grill
Great Greek Greet!
Happy puppy
Help Gourmet King
Hide ‘n’ Seek!
Hungry Hipster Moles
Hungry Hipster Moles – Cherry
Hungry Hipster Moles – Honey
Ingrdient Hunt
Ingredient hunt – Butter
Ingredient hunt – Cheese
Ingredient hunt – Chicken
Irish luck!
Lets feed john
Maggie’s on Campus!
Making Friends
Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras – Bacon
Mardi Gras – Crab
Missing Deliveries!
Mole in the hole
Music to My Ears
New Orleans Jukebox
No way, it’s Jamie!
Pretty kitty
Quiz Fun!
Shake it outta here!
Show worth waitin’ for!
Smooth Moves!
Speedy Cleaning
Speedy cleaning – Bounty Janitor
Sping green
Spring decorating
Squirelling away
Stocking Up!
Sunday special – Potato
Super kitty cafe
Super Smooth!
Takin’ the Train
That’s a relief!
The Big Kebab Grab!
Want to be on tv
Want To Be On TV?
What’s Cookin’?
Whats shakin

01 Feb, 2011

My Restaurant City items

Posted by: Fed In: Other stuff

My Restaurant City items
Accordian Hanging Pillar
Bounty Paper Towel
Candy Shop
Cat TV
Citrus Wallpaper
Cloudy Mural
Drinks Tower Decor
Floating Cooking Icon
Funny Bunny
Haunted Gramophone
Hotel City Sign
John Compost
Lemon sink
Lemon stove
Mayan Temple
Orange Rug
Pretty Kitty
RCU Campus Sink
Smoothie Station
Spring Goddess Statue
Sunken Ship Prow
Swan Sculpture

24 Jun, 2010

RC – Level 10 Burger and Fries

Posted by: Fed In: games|Personal

Federico’s restaurant is fit for a King!
They just mastered the Burger and Fries dish in Restaurant City!
Word is Federico’s restaurant’s now serving the best Burger and Fries in town!

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