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08 Mar, 2010

Ang Pinaka: Gasgas na Status Symbol

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Ang Pinaka
10. Cellphones
9. Laptops
8. Cars
7. Teeth Braces
6. Social Networking
5. Travels
4. Ipod
3. Designer Coffee
2. DLSR Camera
1. Cosmetic Surgery

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20 Oct, 2009

Ang Pinaka: Pasaway na Facebook Users

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Ang Pinaka
10. The Sympathy Baiter
9. The Obscurist
8. The Paparazzo
7. The Bad Grammarian
6. The Chronic Inviter
5. The Crank
4. The Self Promoter
3. The Friend Padder
2. The TMIer
1. The Let Me Tell You Every Detail of my Day Updater

Ang Pinaka
10. Your company is unstable
9. You’re the wrong person in the wrong job.
8. Your health is compromised.
7. Your work relationship is not good
6. Your job bores you.
5. You feel burned out
4. You’re not allowed to explore your full potential
3. Your salary is not enough
2.You have no personal growth anymore
1. You’re not happy with your job

13 Jul, 2009

Ang Pinaka: Classic Pinoy Street Foods

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Ang Pinaka
10. Mais (corn)
9. Mani (peanuts)
8. Puto at Kutsinta
7. Isaw
6. Tokneneng at Kwek-kwek
5. Banana Que
4. Sorbetes (Dirty Ice Cream)
3. Taho
2. Fishball
1. Balut

Ang Pinaka
10. Cory Aquino’s Yellow Dress
9. Vilma Santos’ White Hanky
8. Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ’s) Patilya or Sideburns
7. Kuya Germ’s Colorful Coat
6. Kuya Cesar’s Slow Delivery
5. Former President Joseph Estrada ERAP’s Wrist Band
4. Randy Santiago’s Shades
3. Pilita Corrales’ Backward Bend
2. Imelda Marcos’ Hair Bun
1. Tessa Prieto – Valdez’s Outrageous Outfits

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