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01 Feb, 2011

My Restaurant City Challenge (Goals)

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My Restaurant City Challenge (Goals)
A question of Food!
Annual egg hunt
Be my Sweethear! – Strawberry Romance Recipe
Big clean
Bronze Tommy!
Cat Nap
Cat Nap!
Challenge Supremo!
Chatty TV Host
Chilly Owlet
Chinese new year
Delivery Daily!
Delivery For You
Don’t Blame the Goat
Euro Trip souvenirs
Euro Trip souvenirs – Duck
For COINS you say
Gain in spain!
Get bounty Clean!
Get To The Greek!
Gourmet BBQ Grill
Great Greek Greet!
Happy puppy
Help Gourmet King
Hide ‘n’ Seek!
Hungry Hipster Moles
Hungry Hipster Moles – Cherry
Hungry Hipster Moles – Honey
Ingrdient Hunt
Ingredient hunt – Butter
Ingredient hunt – Cheese
Ingredient hunt – Chicken
Irish luck!
Lets feed john
Maggie’s on Campus!
Making Friends
Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras – Bacon
Mardi Gras – Crab
Missing Deliveries!
Mole in the hole
Music to My Ears
New Orleans Jukebox
No way, it’s Jamie!
Pretty kitty
Quiz Fun!
Shake it outta here!
Show worth waitin’ for!
Smooth Moves!
Speedy Cleaning
Speedy cleaning – Bounty Janitor
Sping green
Spring decorating
Squirelling away
Stocking Up!
Sunday special – Potato
Super kitty cafe
Super Smooth!
Takin’ the Train
That’s a relief!
The Big Kebab Grab!
Want to be on tv
Want To Be On TV?
What’s Cookin’?
Whats shakin
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1 Response to "My Restaurant City Challenge (Goals)"

1 | monica

October 30th, 2011 at 11:36 am


hi can you tell me something about the challenge collect-a-thon in restaurant city cos’ i don’t remember that challenge thanks

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