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01 Feb, 2011

My CityVille Achievement (Goals)

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My CityVille Achievement (Goals)
A date at the zoo
Animal attraction!
Animal farm
Animal rescue
Archeological Dig!
Artifacts of life!
Balllet to Stay!
Baseball field
Beat around the bush
Become mayor
Brain Freeze!
Bridge tourism
Build a bakery
Build a Hospital
Build a new park
Build a playground
Build a silo
Build and recruit!
Build cinema
Build City Funds!
build city hall
Build Corner Store
Build edgar’s chateau
Build franchises
Build Headquarters
Build paul a home
Build Restaurant
Build Restaurant 2
Build rusty home
Build school
Build the bridge
Cabin copy
Captain Rusty Returns From Sailing The World
Central park
Cinco de mayo!
Cinema investment
Cinema tour
City Clerk office
City of industry
City Port Time!
Clear neighbors trees
Clear trees!
Clovers for ruth
Community Checkup
Cooks up Hot Capital City Recipe!
Crop help
Crop Tending
Dance in the city
Deliver the goods
Doctor’s toys
Donation nation
Eating contest
Edgar bows down
Edgar gets flunky!
Edgar, Ruth and the Pigeons
Education rules!
Expand franchise
Expansive thinking
Face painting
Fair Carousel
Family feast
Family value
Farmin’ with rita
Federico Proves to be Powerful Mayor
Feed the tourist
Festival recipes
Find hidden key
Find lost luggage
Fine arts Theatre
First date place
Food Festival!
For the children!
franchise expert
Fuel town finances
Get charlie breakfast
Get Noodle-ing
Get things rolling
Grow hq
Grow population
Growing the tree
Hardware store
harvest bird feed
helpin’ rita
Higher education
Horse power broker
House the family!
Hungry Firemen
Increase population
Italian Restaurant
Jungle friends
Keep your tree growin’
Kung fu Panda 2!
Las pinas Is Born!
Las Pinas State capital
Life in the fast lane
Little Italy
Lorenzo’s Family!
Louise’s homework
Love thy neighbor
Lunar new year
Lunar New Year!
Luxury shopping
Mall improvement
Mall parking issue
Mall Trip!
Master of Fine Food!
Met the star
More rusty clues!
Move ruth’s picnic table
Neighbor Upgrade!
New Artic Habitat
New fire station
New mall
On the house
Open for Visitors
Open new businesses
Open Packing Store
Opening the books!
Out of town birds
Over the river
Park beautification
Paul and St Pats
Paul Packs it in
Peas-Full Harvest
Picnic at the zoo
Picnic tables
Place museum
Place picnic tables
Place the holiday tee
Plant city flag
Power your city
Ready to dock
Ready to party (Mexican)
Recipe for success
Restaurant research
Rita’s flower garden
rita’s rent
Room & Starboard
Run franchise
Run remote franchise
Rusty Lost At Sea!
Sail the Far atlantic
school safety
scout businesses
Scout train routes!
Search party time
Send the ships
send trains
Set sail!
Smoke signal
Snow Top
Something fishy
Sporting News
sports team
St. Patty’s Pub!
Star in the City
state fair pitch
State Fair snacks
Store Decorations
Student archeology
Suitable for edgar
Supply Capital City
The burger joint
The Doctor is IN
The fussy baker
The lost bunny
The new seaport
The pastry tour
The pastry tour 2
To the americas!
Tonga Tower!
Tourist on sight!
Training on Track!
Unlock love letter
Upgrade warehouse
Vote for eating
Your Population is 10010!
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