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01 May, 2011

May 2011 Food Adventures

Posted by: Fed In: Other stuff

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Baked Macaroni and Mongobread
Rice Noodles with Mixed Seafood toppings
Paksiw na Bangus with Talong and vegies

Hotdog, Cheese, Tomatoes, Cabbange and pandesal
Ampalaya with Minced Pork, and bagoogn and malunggay soup
Spicy Tokwa & Chicken

Tinapay and Chicken Salad with Mayonnaise.Mango for desserts
Tinolang Manok
Sinigang na Shrimp with Sitaw and KamatisLucky Me Supreme Instant Noodle, Kari Flavor

Burger patty and Boild egg
Tocino, Fried Talong, and Kamatis
Kung Pao (Spicy Chicken Rice with corns)and Al Pesto Bowl@ KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken

Toasted Bread and Fried Egg
Fried Bangus, nilagang bangus with Malunggay Stalk and Kangkong
Noodles with chopped Pork Tocino

Pancit Bihon and Tasty Bread
Omelette Egg
on a Diet:Just Corn, butter, salt and pepper

Home-made Hamburgers (Brand: Walter), Beef Patty with Cheese, vegetables, mayonnaise and onions
Sinigang na baboy and Sisig
Nilagang Pusit and singkamas

Hotdog, cheese and pandesal
Sinigang na baboy and rice

Hotdog and Tostadong Pandesal
Chopsuey (Mixed vegetables) and rice
Pizza Hut’s Sausage Roll Pizza (Free from BPI Real Thrills)Beef Noodles & Bola Bols Siopao from Joe Kwan

Scrambled egg and Pandesal
Spaghetti Carbonara with Corned Beef
Pancit Malabon on SM Center Las Pinas

Pandesal & Noodles
Baked Whole Chicken
Chicken Adobo

Peanut Butter and Tasty Bread
Hotdog Sandwich, with Manhattan dressing, pasalubong ni che from 7-11
Lomi Noodles

Nesvita Cereal Drink, Boiled Egg and tasty bread
Fried Bangus and Sayote Vegetables
Pizza Hut Delivery!BC Burger Pan with beef & Onion free via Palm Card (with free L.GLASS)and Pepsi 1.5

Hotdog, Sandwich and pancit
Barbeque, Kikiam, pipino and rice
Sweet Shrimp and Kikiam

Hotdog, Toasted bread with melted cheese and Honey
Pusit, Sweet Lechon and Rice
Pancit Bihon

Baked Macaroni and Pandesal
Pork Adobo with Orange
Adobo, Daing and Kamatis

Pandesal and Peanut butter
Corned Beef with Potatoes
Sinigang na baboy (Ribs)

Shanghai Noodles
Meatloaf and Baguio Beans
PM1, SM1 (Chicken Barbeque) via Mang Inasal, SM Center

Hotdog Sandwich
Mr Liempo, Roast Chickenand Sinigang na bangus (fish)
Replay: Chicken

Hotdog and Pandesal
Daing na bangus (Fish)
Siomai Combo from Master Siomai, Chicken Miswa Noodle Soup

Embotido and pandesal
Pork with Ampalaya and vegetables
Crave Combo 1Beef burger with Friesand Red Iced Tea & and Blue Lemonadeat Crave Burger, BF Resort Village

Sotanghon Noodles
Fried Tilapia and rice
Embotido and rice

Pancit with Puto
Tortang Tuna with Kangkong and Soy sauce
Pork Curry

Pancit Canton Shanghai
Tahong, Pancit Bihon, Barbeque, Bopiz, Sisig, and Ice Cream
Replays: Bopiz

Baked Macaroni
Sisig, eggs and rice
Happy birthday Noodles and Dimsum via Hapchan

Pandesal and Tuna omelete
Toge with Tofu and Pork
Nilagang Baboy

Spaghetti Noodles with Cheesy toppings
Longanissa, Itlog na Pula, Kang kong, Tuyo, and talong
Chicken Joy and Spaghetti,Yum Burger @ Jollibee

Hotdog, and bread
Longanissa, Sinigang na Halaan and Kangkong
Home-made Carbonara by Che

Fried Egg and Bread
Sardinas with Miswa
Chicken Ginger Stew (Tinola)

Hotcake and Honey
Chopseuy vegetables
Tinolang Manok

Pancit Canton Sweet and Spicy
Ma-ling Meat Loaf and Adobong Kangkong
Fish escabeche

Will be logging all our breakfast, lunch, snack (miryenda), dinner, and midnight snacks in here :)

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