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30 Jan, 2014

Recently watched movies

Posted by: Fed In: movies

Here are some of the movies we have watched and also liked, sorted by last watched and then our rating/reviews

  • White House Down
  • Furious 6
  • Penthouse North

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30 Oct, 2013

October 2013 review

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October has been a very interesting month for us.

Business wise, I’ve met so many people over a cup of coffee, meetup events, trainings, hackathons and contests. Some are different owners and CEOs of startup companies, and some are promising founders and are trying to convert their ideas and wanting to do a start-up and on the conceptualization stages.
I feel really empowered and inspired after hearing their stories about their companies, speaking about what they do, and explains what their products and offerings are.
It’s also great to learn about how their technology stacks are already setup.
I also stumbled new technologies along the way and did some research about them immediately after the meetings.
I’ve made new friends, new acquaintances and grown my networks.

On a personal note, me and my wife had a chance to travel to Battam Indonesia to celebrate my birthday, it was a short but great travel. We also went overnight camping at East Coast/Pasir Ris here in Singapore. My wife baked an Android Cake, Avocado flavor with Jelly beans inside for me on my birthday.

It’s definitely an awesome month! and we’re looking forward to having great events next month! There are a bunch of good stuffs & events already lined up.

Till next time!

26 Mar, 2013

We’re going back to Philippines

Posted by: Fed In: Personal

^_^ We’re going back to Philippines either this week or next week. ^_^

05 Jan, 2013

Acer meet my Google Nexus 7

Posted by: Fed In: Personal

This is the first time plugging my newly bought Google Nexus 7 tablet phone to my Windows 7, Acer laptop.
Glad to see that it is a plug and play, direct access to my internal storage and the device drivers automatically auto install, sweet Technology!

“Acer, meet my Google Nexus 7″

03 Jan, 2013

When One Door Closes Another Door Opens

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When One Door Closes Another Door Opens

This has always been one of the Quotes that I live by. I always keep an open mind and stay positive that there are a lot of opportunities and they arrive to you only when you open yourself to it. Keep in mind that everything has an end and you might reach a dead end in your carer, love-life, and even growing & our life has an end eventually. All that matters is how you make your decisions, decisions that could affect your life, work and everyone around you.

Sometimes it is not only 1 door that opens but multiple opportunities, they are just not that easy to see.
But when these doors of opportunity comes, be prepared to pick the best door, the best door that life has to offer.

Best of luck!

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